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🚧 Cortex is under construction.

To get started, confirm that your system meets the hardware requirements, and follow the steps below:

# 1. Install Cortex using NPM
npm i -g @janhq/cortex
# 2. Download a GGUF model
cortex models pull llama3
# 3. Run the model to start chatting
cortex models run llama3
# 4. (Optional) Run Cortex in OpenAI-compatible server mode
cortex serve


For more details regarding the Cortex server mode, please see here:

What's Next?

With Cortex now fully operational, you're ready to delve deeper:

  • Explore how to install Cortex across various hardware environments.
  • Familiarize yourself with the comprehensive set of Cortex CLI commands available for use.
  • Gain insights into the system’s design by examining the architecture of Cortex.